Welcome to Davocomix.com, home of Davo’s hard core adult artwork.
This site contains artwork that is intended for 18+ years of age or older viewers only.  The adult artwork on this site is hard core, not safe for work and not safe for home, so if somebody is looking over your shoulder right now, you should probably leave, just click the back button or EXIT button below.  If you are 18 years of age or older, and after reading the information below, and you still wish to enter the site, please click the ENTER button below

What you will see on this site: (When this site is fully up and running)
Artwork images of women in consensual hard core bondage, discipline and peril in scifi, fantasy and horror (blood) themes. Note that I said consensual.  If you want to twist it in your mind that it’s something else, that is up to you, but for the record, I said consensual.  Also notice that I said “artwork images”, there are no real people or live photography on this site. All artwork is digitally created.  The story lines on this artwork or comic sets will up front portray the subjects as consenting to their situations.
– Free artwork images you can enjoy and that I update.
– Links to websites that you can purchase artwork sets that I sell.
– Links to websites that I consider safe for viewing and that are reciprocal linking to this website.
– Maybe some links to free 3d models I might give away at some point.

What you won’t see on this site:
– Artwork Images of minors less than 18 years of age, children, or animal sex with real animals.
– Hate speech or discrimination against any groups or organizations that are real.
– Anything illegal. Remember, it’s all consensual and artwork for people 18 years of age or older.

Before entering, you agree to the following:
– You are 18 years of age or older.
– You are aware this site contains graphic adult hard core artwork dealing in bondage/BDSM themes. No secret there.
– You agree that you will not under any circumstances download/re-upload any content from this site to any other site via any means, digital, physical or otherwise.
– You will not externally link to any images on my site.  Ask first.
– All content on this website is copyright Davocomix.com.  Respect that. If you are going to be a shit and steal my stuff, at least don’t be a total shit by removing my copyrights/link from the images.

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